$250 Ubisurfer netbook comes with one year of free 3G access

Well look what we have here – a previously unannounced netbook from portable computer maker Ubisurfer. No specifications are listed, so at first, a $250 netbook doesn’t appear to be all that special. But this one comes with a year of free 3G access (as long as you stay under 30 hours/month.) The machine is apparently so new, that the manufacturer and Tiger Direct (who listed it in their most recent catalog) have not had the time to put it on their site.

Best of all, there is no contract, no credit check and no activation fees. I’m guessing you are looking at something that runs a dedicated operating system and limited app support. The machine runs on a CDMA network, so it’s either on Sprint, Verizon or Cricket.

The UK version of this machine
runs off Windows CE or Linux, and has a measly 8″ 800×480 screen, the U.S. one is listed as having a 10″ screen. Still, assuming it runs something other than Windows CE, $250 for a laptop and 30 hours/month of access is not that hard to justify.