Skype for Android arrives in the marketplace – WiFi calling only when in the U.S.

Unless you were using a Verizon Wireless device, you’ve not had the chance to use Skype on your Android phone. Thankfully, that changed this morning when Skype released their app to the world, including those of us not on Verizon.

The Skype app allows for free Skype to Skype calls, as well as paid calls to mobile and landline phones. The new Skype client for Android works on 3G and WiFi outside the U.S. and WiFi only within the U.S.

The application itself is free, and you get a free EUR0.09 credit, worth one call to a phone anywhere in the world.

The application itself is well made – it can sync with your existing contacts and stays active in your notification drop-down, ready to alert you to incoming calls or messages.

Inside the app, you can change your profile, set your status and purchase Skype add-ons. Search for “Skype” in the Android marketplace to find the app.