Aviiq Laptop stand – the $80 German engineered accessory for your computer

Shopping for luxury travel items isn’t too hard – you’ll find plenty of inspiration in our Daily Pampering segment, and most decent airports have a great selection of expensive and shiny new gear.

If you are not immediately scared away by pricey computer accessories, then you’ll probably love the Aviiq portable laptop stand. This is not your average laptop stand, and certainly nowhere near shoddy quality of the $10 stands you’ll find at your local electronics superstore.

The Aviiq stand is made of German engineered Hylite composite material, which bonds a core of plastic inside an aluminum shell. The end result is the lightest laptop stand in the world, at just under 5.5 ounces.

To use the Aviiq stand, you remove it from its microfiber pouch, unfold it, and fold the rear legs into position. This creates a 12 degree angle, perfect for long stretches of work on your laptop. Best of all, the angle also creates an air gap, which will help keep your laptop much cooler.

The Aviiq Portable Laptop Stand costs $79.95 – which is probably about $60 more than you’d be looking to spend on a gadget like this. Still, there is definitely a market for products like this, and the high quality of the product partially justifies the high price.

To learn more about this creative design, or to spend $80 of your hard earned cash to get your own Aviiq laptop stand, head on over to their site.