Daily gear deals – $15 Gorillapod, $3 netbook case and more

Here are the hottest gear deals for today, Saturday October 9, 2010. Remember, these deals are often valid for just one day, so act fast before they are gone.

Today’s first deal is for the Joby Gorillapod. This flexible tripod is perfect for making photos with your camera attached to a variety of objects. Pick the yellow one and the price drops to $15 with free shipping. Click here for this deal.

Next up is a great deal on a reversible netbook case. The case holds machines up to 10″ and is on sale for $2.99, with free shipping. Click here for this deal.

Regularly running into WiFi range issues? Consider this $19 high-powered USB WiFi adapter. With its high transmit power and external antenna, you’ll be able to pick up more access points. Click here for this deal.

And finally in today’s lineup is the OHSO Pocket Toothbrush. This neat product holds toothpaste in an airtight compartment, always ready for you to use. These used to retail for over $80, but you can pick one up for just $18.95 – but add coupon code gadling10% and you’ll get 10% off. Click here for this deal.