New Spot it Out products add Sam Brown, Spongebob or Dora to your GPS unit

Earlier this year, we introduced you to Spot it Out and their first batch of GPS unit add-ons. At its launch, Spot it Out offered the Zagat Guide, Golf Digest and a road hazard directory.

For fall, Spot it Out has added three new guides – the Samantha Brown Travel Channel guide, Dora The Explorer Nickelodean family adventure guide and the Spongebob Squarepants swell family adventures guide.

In the Sam Brown guide, you get access to thousands of the places she has visited, along with important information like opening hours, prices and of course, her personal commentary.

The two Nickelodean guides are slightly more entertaining – as they provide destination guides for over a hundred thousand family friendly locations, all sourced with the help of Nickelodean editors and their Parents Connect site. Need more entertainment? Both guides also come with a Dora The Explorer or Spongebob GPS voice, which should prove to be mildly entertaining for at least five minutes (unless you are a kid.)

The new guides start at $19.99, and are available in select retail stores, through on an SD card, or off their site as a digital download.