Bose Bluetooth headset – a first for the king of noise canceling headphones

In the world of travelers, Bose has long been the standard in noise canceling headphones – but now the audio wizards are entering the world of Bluetooth headsets. And as can be expected from Bose, their first product is mighty impressive (on paper at least.)

The new Bose Bluetooth Headset may lack a snazzy name, but the innards apparently more than make up for that. Inside the headset is the Bose TriPort speaker technology found in their headphones, along with Adaptive Audio Technology – described as “an advancement that measures incoming speech and background noise, and adjusts voice levels automatically and smoothly.”

The headset features a real on/off slider switch and LED’s with clear labels. The new Bose Bluetooth Headset comes with three StyleHear tips (small, medium and large) and will be available from Bose in late November for $149.95. Bottom line for travel gadget freaks is that this headset can safely be added to your Christmas wish lists.