Review – iMainGo 2 portable travel speaker for iPhone, iPod and Zune

With the weekend quickly approaching (how on earth did that happen so quickly this week?), the time has come to relax, turn on some of your favorite tunes, and enjoy a cold beverage. Unless you live in the midwest, where the temperatures are already dropping to the point where hot chocolate is justified.

To enjoy your music on the go, the iMainGo 2 could very easily become your best friend. The iMainGo 2 is a combination speaker case and protection case. Unlike some other portable speakers, once your iPhone, iPod or other player is inside the unit, you can still control it through a clear panel on the rear.

The iMainGo 2 is powered off four (included) AAA batteries, and features two different power modes -on and alarm. When in alarm mode, it conserves power by turning off its amplifier until your iPod turns on – which means you can set an alarm, and wake up to soothing tunes from its speakers.

Installing your player is simple – you plug it into the headphone jack, then slot it behind a piece of padding and lock it in place with a Velcro strap. Once inside the iMainGo 2, your player is well protected.

You can access all the buttons – as long as they are on the front. This means you won’t have access to power buttons that are on the top of a device, or volume controls on the side. In addition to this, you won’t be able to make any calls on your phone when it is in the case.

Audio is crisp, loud and clear. In fact, my volume was originally far too loud, and because my iPod was in Angry Birds, I had to exit it to adjust the volume inside the music app. The front mounted speakers are amazing – they sound good at low volumes, and they sound just as good turned up to max.

The only minor downsides to the iMainGo are a tricky battery compartment and the fact that it can’t charge your iPod when connected – but the price more than makes up for that – just $39.99.

I like the iMainGo 2 – it is compact, sounds good and is well priced. Still not convinced? How about the chance to win one? Check back next week for a contest and you’ll have a chance to win your own iMainGo 2 portable sound system.