Daily gear deals – $20 camcorder, $5 battery/charger kit and more

Here are the hottest gear deals for today, Sunday October 24, 2010. Remember, these deals are often valid for just one day, so act fast before they are gone.

Today’s first deal is for the Creative Vado Camcorder. This compact digital camcorder does not shoot in HD, but does feature a built in USB connector. The best part? Once you enter promotion code VADO75GO in the checkout phase, the price drops from $79.99 down to $20! Click here for this deal.

Once again, we are in the time of year where a dry room can make the difference between a good nights sleep, or a lousy one. If you hate dry air – consider this $25.50 portable travel humidifier. The unit takes its water from regular water bottles, and can provide up to 8 hours of ultrasonic humidity. Click here for this deal.

Today’s third deal is for a portable solar battery pack. We’ve featured these in the past, but none as cheap as this one – just $5.43. The pack comes with an assortment of cables, power plugs and an AC adapter. Click here for this deal.

And finally in today’s lineup is a piece of luggage – a 21″ leather rolling case. This is not exactly a budget item, but since it dropped down to $222 from its original price of $725, it is one heck of a bargain. Click here for this deal.