Airfare prices drop: time to book your fall and winter travel

Have you been holding off on purchasing your tickets this fall and winter? Well, that precipitous drop that we were all eagerly awaiting has finally taken effect, and there are some fan-freaking-tastic flights waiting to be purchased.

The whole fare tidal wave began with an outstanding Southwest Airlines sale kicked off this week, reducing fares to only $30 each-way among many routes. In turn, many of the legacy carriers dropped their fares to the same destinations, so if you fancy paying for your baggage or earning useful frequent flyer miles then you might be able to switch up.

Sample fares include tickets from Chicago to Minneapolis and Kansas City for only $84 round trip.

Needless to say, sites like Kayak and Travelocity don’t search both the legacy carriers and Southwest’s site, so if you are going to do some fare crawling make sure to check all of the sites. You’ve got until the end of the day on Thursday, October 28 2010 to book your tickets, with available travel dates of early December and January – Mid February.

[flickr image via willamcho]