Photo of the Day (11.01.10)

Most of us only interact with a few types of airline and airport employees. We chat with flight attendants, check-in with gate agents and get frisked by TSA officers. It’s often easy to forget that there are scores of people working on the Tarmac to keep planes well maintained and airports running smoothly. Those beverages don’t put themselves on the planes. Someone is driving that fuel truck. That flight delay caused by a maintenance issue? It might annoy you, but it allowed a highly-skilled mechanic to service your aircraft so that you’ll be able travel safely.

I was reminded of all of those hardworking folks when I saw this photo by Flickr user stefantrego. Sure, airports can be annoying (though some people love them) but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take a moment to marvel at the impressive efforts put forth by all those people who keep things moving so that we can keep on moving, as well.

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