SkyMall Monday: Lasagna Pan Battle

Cold weather has begun to hit the East Coast, where SkyMall Monday is headquartered. While walking the dogs this morning, I actually donned a knit cap and cursed the decision to leave my gloves at home. This can mean only one thing: It’s comfort food season. With Thanksgiving just around the corner (or still visible in the rear view mirror for our Canadian friends), we’re gearing up for that magical time of year when carbs are king and starch is the star. Cold weather requires adding some meat to your bones (yes, vegetarians, you’re made of meat – deal with it) and there may be no better food for that than lasagna. The combination of noodles, sauce, cheese, more cheese, some cheese and meat (or vegetables – geez) fills you up and helps you hibernate through those frosty nights. Thankfully, SkyMall knows that making lasagna can be a chore. They want to make carbo loading easy and fun. But, how do you choose which SkyMall lasagna pan to buy. Well, you turn to SkyMall Monday’s Lasagna Pan Battle. It’s the Edge Simple Lasagna Pan versus the Lasagna Trio Pan. Two pans enter. One pan wins.

This isn’t our first SkyMall Battle rodeo. Previously, we saw the Edge Brownie Pan (the Edge Simple Lasagna Pan’s sister) best the Giant Cupcake Pan in a dessert battle. This time, however, we’re getting savory. Which lasagna pan will earn the SkyMall Monday endorsement? Grab some noodles and fill the bathtub with ricotta. It’s go time.


The Edge Simple Lasagna Pan operates on the principle that no one likes mushy heaps of messy lasagna. The Lasagna Trio Pan is a people pleaser that allows everyone to be satisfied by a lasagna of their choosing. While it’s nice to have pretty rectangles of lasagna, it’s best to keep all your guests happy by making a variety of lasagna options.

Advantage: Lasagna Trio Pan

Ease of Use

The Edge Simple Lasagna Pan has easy to grip handles. The Lasagna Trio Pan has a wide lip to grab. So, you won’t be dropping either of these pans when they are hot. However, you may run into problems when figuring out how long to keep the Lasagna Trio Pan in the oven. With different ingredients in each trough, cook times may vary (especially if you have meat in one and vegetables in another). The Edge Simple Lasagna Pan cooks evenly throughout since the ingredients are uniform.

Advantage: Edge Simple Lasagna Pan

Related Products

We’re well-versed in the Edge Simple Lasagna Pan’s sweet sibling, the Edge Brownie Pan. It’s fantastic. Well, SkyMall does sell the Lasagna Trio Pan’s brother from the same mother parent company, the Meatball Baker. I love meatballs. However, meatballs can be made in a pan. Or baked. Or started in a pan and finished in the oven. Who needs a Meatball Baker (and don’t argue that no one needs a lasagna pan – that’s nonsense)? The Edge Brownie Pan defeats all.

Advantage: Edge Simple Lasagna Pan


I’ll be brutally honest here: Both of these lasagna pans are expensive pieces of kitchen equipment. People have been tightening their belts lately (and then loosening them after dinner for comfort), so price has to be a key factor. The Edge Simple Baking Pan normally retails for $49.99 but is currently on sale for only $39.99 on SkyMall. The Lasagna Trio Pan is $79.95 (though it is way cheaper on Amazon).

Advantage: Push – This is a SkyMall column, so the Trio’s SkyMall price has to be considered but it’s nice to see it cheap elsewhere.


Neither one of these pans includes a lid. WTF?! No one finishes an entire batch of lasagna in one sitting and foil can only do so much. Who do you have to massage to get a lid around here?

Advantage: Failure Push

Well, after battling it out, the Edge Simple Lasagna Pan just barely squeaks out a 2-1 win (with two pushes). Not a resounding victory by any means. What does it win? Well, just like I did with the Edge Brownie Pan, I will now do an actual hands-on review of the Edge Simple Lasagna Pan. What will become of the Lasagna Trio Pan? Should the Edge Simple Lasagna Pan prove unable to fulfill its duties, the Lasagna Trio Pan will be called upon to step in.

Of course, we’d love to know your thoughts on this pressing SkyMall matter. What say you?


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