Tourist killed by lions while showering at Zimbabwe fishing camp

Five lions attacked, and a tourist died. Washing himself at an outdoor shower, Pete Evershed had no idea what was coming. Enjoying a vacation in Zimbabwe, he took advantage of the fishing camp’s outdoor shower shortly before dark. It was his last. Evershed was found by other guests who heard his screams – he had sustained serious neck wounds and would later die from a loss of blood.

According to a few of the locals, the lions attacked because tour operators have been luring them closer with meat … all in the interest of giving guests a closer look at the beasts. The Zimbabwean Conservation Task Force takes a different view, though claiming that lions are stuck competing with humans for food. Apparently, eight villagers fell victim to attacks like this one so far this year, according to an MSNBC report. The rise of fishing camps along the Zambezi River was also cited as a driver.

[photo by Tambako the Jaguar via Flickr]