Ten random skills Gadling readers learned on trips

It seems like you always learn when you travel. Even if you don’t happen to be picking up the language or attending a professional development session, just being in a new place creates new pathways in your mind and, arguably, makes you smarter. Better still is when you actually learn a skill you didn’t expect to learn.

We asked our readers on Gadling’s Facebook page “What random skill did you learn on a trip?” The answers may surprise you — or, you may have learned the exact same thing yourself! Check out our ten favorites:

1. “How to de-scale and gut a fish.” — Despina

2. “How to hack into your own phone.” — Sherri

3. “How to ‘bark’ like a dingo in a didgeridoo.” — Camilla4. “Learnt to drive on right side of the road!!” — Norton (clearly British)

5. “How to Segway through a city with pedestrians and cars all around.” — Saadia

6. “How to make Mozart balls! And, how to kitesurf.” — Terry

7. “How to outrun Latvian truckers whilst riding a motorbike across the Baltic states?” — Jason

8. “How to meditate.” — Sophia

9. “Not exactly a skill, but I did learn how to do the Thriller dance on a cruise.” — Martha

10. “How to hold on in a massive current 90 feet down while watching a shark feeding frenzy a few feet away. And how to get married. Not sure which was scarier.” — Max

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Photo by Annie Scott.