Which ski resorts benefit from La Niña?

With the ski season officially here, it’s time to start planning where you’ll be hitting the slopes this winter. Of course, there are a number of things to think about when making that decision, including costs, resort amenities, and locations. But one thing that you might not have considered is the impact of La Niña and the way that weather system distributes snow across North America.

Thankfully, the good folks over at Adventure Journal have crunched the numbers for us, and came up with a comprehensive list of where the biggest and best snow should fall this year. The outdoor adventure and travel site sent that list out as part of their weekly newsletter, with surprising suggestions for where the heavy snow is likely to drop throughout this ski season. One thing that is clear, in a La Niña year we tend to receive more snow in the Pacific Northwest and in the Northern Rockies, and with the weather system expected to last well into February or March, those regions can expect a long and prosperous ski season ahead.

Which resorts does Adventure Journal recommend for great skiing all winter long? Their top ten list, along with the impact of La Niña on the snowfalls there, looks like this:

1. Sunshine Village
Average snowfall: 248″
La Niña effect on snowfall: 136% of annual average

2. Lake Louise
Average snowfall: 161″
La Niña effect on snowfall: 127%

3. Jackson Hole
Average snowfall: 368″
TLa Niña effect on snowfall: 116%4. Bridger Bowl
Average snowfall: 297″
La Niña effect on snowfall: 115%

5. Mt. Hood Meadows
Average snowfall: 444″
La Niña effect on snowfall: 140%

6. Schweitzer
Average snowfall: 275″
La Niña effect on snowfall: 140%

7. Whitefish
Average snowfall: 320″
La Niña effect on snowfall: 137%

8. Fernie
Average snowfall: 366″
La Niña effect on snowfall: 132%

9. Mt. Baker
Average snowfall: 633″
La Niña effect on snowfall: 153%

10. Castle Mountain
Average snowfall: 271″
La Niña effect on snowfall: 151%

So there you have it. The best places to find lots of powder this winter. Keep that in mind when you start plotting your snowy escapes, as any one of these locations should offer plenty of snow and plenty of fun.



[Photo credit: Ripley119 via WikiMedia]