Travel tattoos you won’t regret when you’re old and wrinkly

Over at Marginal Revolution, economist, traveler, and blogger extraordinaire Tyler Cowen is asked how he’d go about choosing a tattoo that he wouldn’t later regret. Though I’ll wager that Tyler won’t be getting inked any time soon, his answer is characteristically thoughtful:

I would pick a country which I loved visiting, such as Mexico or Brazil, both of which have distinct shapes. It would be an excuse to narrate previous visits and I don’t think it would repulse many people, other than the fact that it is a tattoo.

I’m with Tyler. Country outlines are a great option, as long as they’re recognizable; it’s probably best to avoid, say, Luxembourg or El Salvador. Flags can make fine choices as well. (Here’s a guide to some of the best and worst.)

My personal choice for a tattoo would be the Arabic word “Yalla,” meaning “Let’s go” placed somewhere on my foot or ankle. I remember hearing the word, and using it myself, so many times in Morocco that the word will be forever linked with that trip. I also think written Arabic, even or perhaps especially if you can’t understand it, often looks like a work of art on its own.

How ’bout you, Gadling nation? Any ideas for travel-related tattoos that we won’t regret when we’re old and wrinkly?

To see Gadling blogger Mike Barish‘s (safe for work!) tattoo, check out this post from the Gadling vault. To read Tyler’s interview with Gadling, go here.

[Photo via Tattoo Designs]