Stash Hotel Rewards loyalty program reaches 100 independent properties

Tired of the same old loyalty chains? After just six months in business, Stash Hotel Rewards, the loyalty program that draws together independent and boutique properties has reached 100 total properties in 74 cities.

Stash has or will soon have 17 hotels in the Bay Area, seven in Seattle, six in New York City, and four in metro Atlanta.

“100 hotels means more choices for discerning travelers who want to earn points but don’t want big-chain sameness,” said Stash chief executive, Jeff Low. “Increasingly, travelers will find great independent hotels offering Stash points almost anywhere they go.

The independent hotels that recently joined Stash range in size from a five-room inn tucked among the skyscrapers of Atlanta to Doral Arrowwood, offering 370 rooms and a private golf course – just 30 minutes from Manhattan. A number of the properties, such as The Cliff House at Pikes Place, Louisville’s Brown Hotel, and San Antonio’s Menger Hotel have been recognized nationally for their historic significance.

We’re excited to keep a further eye on this loyalty program as it continues to grow.