Surfers ride massive 50-foot waves off Ireland

Many surfers are willing to travel vast distances to find the perfect wave, following the currents in search of the endless summer. But last week a few adventurous souls ventured out into the turbulent waters off the coast of Ireland hoping to find a once in a lifetime ride, and what they discovered were record setting swells that went beyond even their wildest imaginations.

Despite a variety of weather warnings, Duncan Scott, Alistair Mennie, Gabe Davies, and Ritchie Fitzgerald, were pulled out into the rough Irish waters by jet ski, battling waves that had risen to unprecidented levels. Observers estimated that the swells were in excess of 55-feet in height, easily making them the largest that any of these experienced surfers had ever seen, let alone ridden.

Scientists say that the waves were brought on by a set of unusual circumstances that only occur about once every five years. A low pressure system over Iceland caused sea levels to rise and sent waves rolling across the Atlantic Ocean, uninterrupted, for nearly 600 miles, crashing against the Irish coastline with tremendous force.

The four surfers aren’t willing to divulge exactly where they found these monster waves, which are the largest recorded since 44-foot breakers appeared back in 2005. One thing is for certain however, you can bet they’ll be back in 2015 to see if they can find an even bigger wave to ride.

To get a real idea of what these giant waves are like, check out the video below.

[Photo credit: Kelly Allen]