Urbanears Tanto headphones take you back to easier times

Remember when your Walkman came with really simple headphones? Bright orange sponge earpieces and sound that really didn’t matter, because it all came off a lousy mix tape anyway?

Well, the new Tanto multi-colored headphones from Urbanears may be able to bring you back to those simpler times. The headphones feature an in-line remote and a regular 3.5mm jack, so they’ll work on any device with a headphone connector.

The Tanto headphones are assembled with random colored parts, and is be available at the Wired Pop-Up store on 692 Broadway in New York City. Price? Just $47, which is not much to ask for a pair of headphones you won’t find copied anywhere else.

The Wired Pop-Up store opened today, and stays open until Decemebr 26. Opening hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 11AM – 7PM.