Stocking stuffer review: iMainGo X portable speaker

Last month, we reviewed the iMainGo 2 portable speaker, since then, iMainGo has released a second version of their popular speaker, adding a rechargeable battery, headphone and microphone inputs and a daisy chain feature.

The new iMainGo X can run for up to 12 hours off its lithium-ion battery pack, and along with its digital amplifier, it produces great sound with impressive bass. Despite its small size, the speakers don’t suffer from any kind of distortion, even when your turn the volume up.

With the daisy chain option, you can connect as many iMainGo X units as you want – using nothing but a regular 3.5mm audio cable. If you think one of these is loud, imagine what several of them could do.

Like the iMainGo 2, the X also features a device compartment with a clear panel, which lets you control your tunes without having to remove your player.

The iMainGo X comes with a carrying case, shoulder and wrist straps and an AC charger. The speaker retails for $69.95 and is available from Eastern Mountain Sports and Portable Sound Labs.