Now that’s a double espresso

Here at Gadling Labs we have an ongoing Open Office speadsheet cataloging the greatest, most delicious ounces of espresso sampled around the planet, and we believe that we may have a new leader in the “double” category.

The place: Cafe Tortoni, halfway between the house of congress and Casa Rosada on Av. de Mayo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here, ordering a grande cafe will get you something just short of a pint of espresso, one thick, steaming caudron of hot, delicious coffee bliss.

Needless to say, this sort of grandeur is to be expected in the capital of Argentina, the same place where espresso regularly comes with seltzer water and one if not two or three sweets on the side (ask for ice cream if they’ve got it) to top off your palette. Indulging in the finer bits of gastronoimic fare in this city is part of the cultural experience, so eat often, eat well and pretend that you’re a king while the dollar still has some relative strength.