Unemployed Mexicana airline flight attendants raise more than cash with sexy new calendar

Who says print is dead?

The newspaper business may be in trouble, but if you find 10 great bodies, take pictures of them and line them up with the months of the year, you could be in business for a while. This is exactly what a handful of unemployed flight attendants from Mexicana airlines did, according to the Associated Press.

They lost their jobs when the carrier filed for bankruptcy and suspended operations, and the sexy calendar is an effort to “to call attention to their own plight and that of their airline – one of the world’s oldest,” the Associated Press reports.

The ladies sport bikinis, sunglasses and provocative uniform variations while making propellers, cockpits and other dirty-sounding airplane parts look a hell of a lot hotter.

Interestingly, the hotties shelled out their own cash for the project, investing around $8,000 to get the glossy delight off the ground. It seems this was money well spent: the first thousand were purchased before the calendar’s official launch last Thursday, and another run of 3,000 is in progress.

[Photo credits: AP/Getty Images]