Vote on the Gadling 2010 superstars in social media and travel

This year, more than ever, social media has taken over huge parts of the travel world.

Some firms use their social media outlets to publish the occasional deal, others use it as an effective method for providing customer care.

Here at Gadling, we pay close attention to all the social media outlets, and of course we participate on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

In the past year, we’ve come across hundreds of social media accounts that deserve some special attention for their efforts, but we’ve narrowed things down to ten of the best out there.

So, this is where your voice counts – we need you to help pick the best social media account – we’ve limited things to Twitter to make the selection process a bit easier. Voting is open till Sunday, December 5. UnitedAirlines

United Airlines is a great example of how a legacy carrier can still behave like a newcomer. The United Airlines social media outreach and PR activities have been fantastic, and they are one of the few airlines that treat bloggers with respect.

From private events to early release of news items, United Airlines shows how even the old dogs can make a difference in social media.


I consider Virgin America to be the number one standard in how airlines run their social media. From the start of the airline, they have treated bloggers like any other member of the media, their Twitter presence is fantastic, and they embraced other new social media outlets very quickly.


Scott Jordan is the “Scott” behind Scottevest – a company that specializes in travel fashion with a strong focus on gadgets and the ability to pack all your stuff in its many pockets.

Scott Jordan is very outspoken, and extremely active in social media, leveraging it for all his marketing activities. When Delta Airlines refused to publish one of his ads in their inflight magazine, Scott took to Twitter, and within 24 hours, the story had gone viral.


PortaPockets are the brainchild of entrepreneur Kendra Kroll – despite being a relatively small company, Kendra leverages social media as much as she can, and with a lot of success.

Her products have received coverage from most major blogs and other media outlet, and she’s extremely active in searching social media for people who could benefit from her products.


Boingo is the company behind most of the Wi-Fi you use at airports and hotels around the world. Their social media presence has a great balance between customer support and helpful articles. They are always on top of news, and customer questions are answered very quickly.


The Cambridge, Massachusetts hotel is a mini-city in and of itself, so it makes sense for the hotel to use social media as a way to introduce guests to Boston and Cambridge. The privately-owned hotel tweets about its restaurants, bars, spa and hotel-specific events, and is always talking with customers and potential guests on Twitter.


We love the Four Seasons’ approach to individuality in social media. Each Four Seasons has its own Twitter and Facebook account, allowing each hotel to post specifically about their news and promotions, but also connect directly with guests at the hotel.


To be successful in social media, one must have personality, and the Bryant Park Hotel gives ‘personality’ an entirely other definition on Twitter. In addition to responding to customer questions via Twitter, the hotel shares some insider secrets and gets a little saucy from time to time… adding some fun to their social media game.


The luxury hotel group took to social media as a way to educate their consumers and potential guests. With everyone from hotel GMs and Public Relations Directors, to the company’s CEO tweeting about properties around the world, it’s no wonder people are intrigued with the Ritz-Carlton.

This concierge concept is great addition to the Hyatt influence in social media. We love this concept because it’s a one-stop way to connect with guests and visitors to the region. Any Hyatt in the world, the social media concierge can help.