Ten brilliant ideas for your travel collection by Gadling readers

Do you have a travel collection? I do. I collect thimbles everywhere I go. I like to put them in an antique wooden drawer which has been repainted and hung on the wall, and I hope one day my grandchildren will play with them and ask me what the different destinations were like back when I … could see/could walk/had teeth.

Collecting something small on your travels is budget friendly (unless you collect something extravagant, but that’s up to you) and makes finding your souvenir a lot of fun. It’s less like looking for a needle in a stack of needles, which is what looking for “something special” can feel like, and more like a quick, satisfying errand you can check of your list in no time. If you only stay in destinations for a short time, a travel collection is gratifyingly doable, and you’ll be able to relive your amazing journeys (and remember the ones you totally forgot about) for years and years.

We wanted to know what you collect, so we asked our readers on Facebook what they collect. We received some brilliant responses and wanted to tell you what some of the best were, in case you haven’t started your travel collection yet!Ten brilliant ideas for your travel collection by Gadling readers

1. “Cookbooks.” — Bunny
2. “Christmas ornaments.” — Nicole
3. “Shot glasses.” — Kekama
4. “Magnets.” — Joseph
5. “Postcards.” — Dionne
6. “Labels from Pepsi bottles.” — Rachael
7. “Bells.” — Angela
8. “Coffee cups.” — Elizabeth
9. “Beer bottle openers.” — Joe
10. “Maps.” — Evan

We loved that people have fun with it. Some of the stories associated with collections include: “Every time someone from my shared office travels out of town (for work or pleasure), he has to send back the most blatantly PhotoShopped postcard he can find. We have most of one wall covered so far,” from Meg, and: “The Christmas ornaments are a wonderful way of reliving my travels each holiday season as I set up my tree and the cookbooks are useful and fun all year long. The rocks go on my windowsill where my grand-daughter plays with them and sands go into the pot for my 12′ Norfolk Island pine,” from Bunny.

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[Photo by Annie Scott.]