Photo of the day (12.17.10)

Today’s whimsical Photo of the Day was snapped in Sofia, Bulgaria, by Flickr user BaboMike. I’m not sure what’s most appealing here–is it the meticulous representation of the policeman’s reflective jacket? His strange, tiny eyes? His diminutive traffic sign? Could it be the nicely rendered trash can the policeman is floating over? Or is it the juxtaposition of these with the blue tag and the black lettering? (And while I’m posing questions, does that “WTF” mean what I think it does?)

There is enjoyment in simply not understanding the significance of the visual material we encounter in our travels, and this principle applies to the above image. Still, I’m curious. Anyone in Bulgaria or elsewhere care to offer an intepretation of any element shown above?

Got an image somewhere of particularly awesome graffiti? Upload it to the Gadling Flickr pool and it might just end up as a future Photo of the Day.

[Image: Flickr | BaboMike]