Heathrow CEO kisses bonus goodbye

The backups and mayhem at Heathrow, the largest airport in Britain, have come with a very personal price tag. With thousands of flights cancelled and crowds of disgruntled passengers forming, it only makes sense that there would be some consequences. So, while passengers look for ways to get to their ultimate destinations this holiday season, there will be a little less under the tree in one household.

Heathrow CEO Colin Matthews relented to pressure to give up his six-figure bonus because of the problems at Heathrow that exacerbated the impact of bad weather, such as claims that he didn’t buy enough de-icer, according to the Daily Mail. The report continues:

Colin Matthews bowed to calls to relinquish his six-figure bonus today amid claims bosses ‘failed’ to buy enough de-icer, ruining the travel plans of more than a million people.

It added:

Lord Jones of Birmingham said Mr Matthews, the owner of a ski lodge in the French Alps and a £1.9million west London home, should ‘not be getting a bonus when he has diminished Britain’s global brand’.

Matthews pulled in total compensation of £1.6million last year, £994,000 of it salary and benefits.

According to Matthews, “I have decided to give up my bonus for the current year.” He continued, “My focus is on keeping people moving and rebuilding confidence in Heathrow.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail says, passengers were forced to rely on tea and coffee handouts from the Salvation Army.

Flight cancellations are expected to continue past Christmas day.

[photo by smagdali via Flickr]