All I want for Christmas is a backyard roller coaster

I’ve traveled to theme parks all over the country. In my ongoing quest to experience new parks and conquer famous and infamous roller coasters, I’ve used numerous forms of transportation. At one time or another I’ve traveled by subway, car, train, monorail, bus, plane, and taxi cab. While traveling is part of the fun, having a roller coaster in my own backyard would be ideal. What roller coaster enthusiast wouldn’t want to look out of their window and see a beautiful vertical loop or majestic wooden coaster peak?

There would be a number of benefits besides getting a coaster fix whenever I needed one. Summer cookouts and parties would be amazing. Plus, there would be the possibility of charging people from the neighborhood and making a little money on the side.

There are a few coaster fans out there that have made my dream gift a reality. Two of the most prominent backyard roller coasters are a steel looping coaster called Blue Flash and a wooden coaster called Oklahoma Land Run.

John Ivers, the creator of Blue Flash, followed up with a sequel in the two-seater, known as Blue Too. It seems like over the years hundreds of others have tried making their own backyard roller coasters, but none appear to be as extensive as these three.

What do you travel for that you wish was in your backyard? Would you want a snow covered mountain, a rapid-filled river for rafting, a beautiful tropical beach, or something else?