Looking back: The top 20 Gadling articles of 2010

Well, 2010 is finally in its last hours, so what better time to take a look back at some of the articles that generated the most buzz on Gadling.

And what a year it has been – ignoring the continuing global economic malaise, for travelers this year brought the tallest hotel in the world, invasive crotch scanning x-ray machines and the death of the “staycation”.

We’ll also take this time to wish you all a very happy, safe and well traveled 2011. We love each and every one of our readers, and can’t wait to bring you even more fantastic stories next year.

  1. Video shows the cause of Newark Airport shutdown
  2. It’s a Small World after all: Walt Disney World vacation photo captures familiar face
  3. Caught on tape: Basketball shot made from a theme park ride
  4. Videos: bad baggage handlers (or, Remind me again why we pay to check luggage!)
  5. Galley Gossip: 3 reasons flight attendants won’t allow passengers to switch seats in flight
  6. Galley Gossip: Interview with musician Josh Wilson (The Hey, Jude Newark Airport guy)
  7. Disguised Asian stopped in Vancouver — best disguise ever
  8. Furious Ryanair passenger eats his $13,600 winning lottery ticket
  9. Original Hershey Chocolate Factory closing in Hershey, Pennsylvania
  10. Hotel room security defeated by a piece of wire – can be secured with a towel

[Photo from: Flickr/coquetboy]

  1. 35 fantastic U.S. beaches for Summer
  2. Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans video is creeping us out
  3. Cops arrest entire drunk crew from Ukraine airline
  4. Snooze tips from a NYC sleep concierge
  5. 10 hilarious (and painful, and frightening) ski lift videos
  6. Keep your data safe when connecting to public wireless hotspots
  7. Five states where you’re most likely to hit a deer this fall
  8. Hitchhiker’s Requiem
  9. Airplane safety applies to everyone, even Willy Wonka
  10. Plane Answers: Can passengers survive an explosive depressurization?