Idapt i1 Eco charger charges 2 devices, keeps things green

Idapt chargers have been around for some time now – and their desktop multi-device-chargers are indeed pretty slick.

The company is taking advantage of Consumer Electronics Show to announce a charger that expands off that lineup with a totally green option.

The Idapt i1 Eco turns off when your device is charged, and won’t wake up till you press its re-start button. To top off the green part of the design, the i1 designed to look good without the use of any chemical painting products.

The charger features two ports – one that used iDapts own charger tips, and one USB port. This means you can use plugs from any other Idapt charger products, as well as any current USB cords you have lying around.

The new i1 will be available in Spring – but no price has been announced just yet.