From the airport checkpoint: Do you recognize these underpants?

Ready for something really weird from the airport security checkpoint? The Denver Channel (Tweet embedded after the jump) would like to know whether you recognize the underwear clad man in this photo. They don’t explain exactly why they’d like to talk to him, but I’m sure someone out there is looking to learn more about the story behind a grown man chosing to pass through security in his undies.

Me? I’m just scared that the TSA will start seeing more of these photos and decide that their full body scanners were all a waste of money. It is only a matter of time till we all have to go through the checkpoint in our sexiest underpants.

[Via: Denver Westood Blogs – Thanks Nick!]

Can you identify this man from his backside? Pic taken this morning. Let us know!less than a minute ago via Seesmic Web