Super yacht concept promises go kart circuit and Monaco inspired deck

Lets open with the usual disclaimer – the photo you see above is just a mockup. But even with something just dreamed up in the mind of some crazed super yacht designer, you have to admit that it looks amazing.

The vessel is called “The Streets of Monaco“, and is based off – you guessed it – Monaco. On the main four decks, you’ll find various pools, a swim-up bar, a jacuzzi, a replica of Casino Square, a courtyard and a large BBQ area. Oh, and a go kart circuit.

The main boarding deck features a sauna, spa, manicure, gym, hairdresser, care and a relaxation lounge with indoor bar/pool.

And when all those amentities get boring, guests can spend time in the cigar lounge, library, cinema wine cellar, casino, dining room and dance hall.

And while it hasn’t actually been built (or even purchased), chances are someone, somewhere in the world is counting their oil profits and seriously considering where they’d park this 155 meter vessel.

The Streets of Monaco was designed by Yacht Island Design in cooproration with BMT Nigel Gee. No price was mentioned, but lets be honest – this is one of those things where having to ask about the price means you probably can’t afford it.


[Via: Gizmodo]