Chinese tourists watch in horror as Siberian tiger kills their bus driver

A bus full of tourists visiting a Siberian tiger breeding base in Harbin, China got a more impressive display of what the tigers are capable of than they had bargained for.

When their bus got stuck in the snow, their driver got up and went outside to check how bad the damage was – something that violated park safety rules. As he tried to enter his bus, one of the parks Siberian Tigers attacked him and dragged him into the forest, as the bus passengers watched in horror.

When park officials arrived at the scene, the set off firecrackers to scare the tigers away, but by then it was too late – bus driver Jin Shijun was found dead in the woods.

The attack took place at the Dong Bei Hu Siberian Tiger park in Harbin, China. The park is home to over 1000 tigers, many of which were bred in captivity. Back in 2009, the park called in local police to kill two of its tigers when they pounced on a zoo worker.

Still, one can hardly blame the tigers for this incident – you’d expect most tiger park bus drivers to understand the dangers of the animals, and stay inside their bus when things go wrong.