Trade 2 minutes of your time for 150 American Airlines AAdvantage miles

Mileage earning opportunities are everywhere – but they are rarely as simple as this promotion from American Airlines and Bose.

By watching a video clip about the new Bose Bluetooth Headset, you’ll earn an instant 150 miles. The video clip describes some of the highlights of this new headset, and at the end of it, you’ll be asked a simple question to make sure you paid attention. If you end up testing the headset in store, or purchasing one, you can earn up to 800 miles.

Enter your AAdvantage number, and within 24 hours, you’ll have your 150 miles. Now, we’ll admit that 150 miles are not going to get you flying for free any time soon – but they could keep an otherwise dormant account alive, or may be the final couple of miles you needed to reach a redemption point. Either way – nobody should turn down free miles!

Click here for the Bose Bluetooth headset site
for the video clip and promotion.