Brazil floods kill more than 100 in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

Ongoing heavy rain has caused torrential flooding in São Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s two most-visited tourist destinations.

CNN reported Wednesday afternoon
that the storms and flooding have caused at least 99 deaths in the state of Rio de Janiero alone, and more than 127 overall.

The area northest of Rio and the city of Teresopolis have reported the most damage thus far, including 71 people who died in a mudslide caused by the flooding and three firefighters who died during rescue operations.

CNN reports that nearly 75,000 people remain without power, and Teresopolis Mayor Jorge Mario Sedlacek declared his city a natural disaster area. He told CNN affiliate TV Globo that at least 80 rescuers have been sent to the region.

The damage from these floods could have long-ranging tourism impacts, particularly as the country prepares to celebrate its annual Carnival festivities, which draw thousands of visitors to the country each year.

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[Image via TopNews]