Sculpteo sculptures of your own face – the perfect roadtrip gift?

Here at the Gadling headquarters, we get a lot of email – but we still read every single one of them, which explains how we came across a pitch for Sculpteo, who are in the business of making mini 3D sculptures.

Not just any old sculpture either – these mini-me models are designed using your own photo, and the end result is a small statue of yourself (or someone you love/hate). The travel angle for these seemed extremely limited to us – until the company told us that they use sculptures of themselves for the dashboard of their car, making it a funny roadtrip accessory.

The combination of this creative pitch and funny product earned them a mention here on Gadling.

If the idea of your own face on a sculpture interests you, head on over to Sculpteo and start the process of creating your mini-me. Not interested in seeing your own face all day long? The company also makes 3D necklaces, key-chains and bracelets based off your own design.