SkyMall Monday: Tex The Armadillo Can Holder

The NFL playoffs are heating up and soon people will be gathering for Super Bowl parties all across the world. The problem with Super Bowl parties – and all winter parties for that matter – is that cold weather requires you to entertain your guests indoors. That means that your home could sullied by muddy shoes, clumsy drunks and, perhaps worst of all, inconsiderate people who don’t use coasters. There may be nothing worse after a party than discovering that your coffee table has a brand new ring-shaped stain thanks to someone leaving their glass directly on the wood. Here at the SkyMall Monday headquarters, my girlfriend monitors coaster usage like Secret Service watches the president (not counting that unsightly Kennedy assassination). The problem with coasters, however, is that they are either woefully boring or horribly kitschy. It’s challenging to find something that will protect your surfaces from drinks while also spotlighting your interior decorating skills, impeccable taste and sophisticated character. That is, until now. Thanks to SkyMall, your drinks can now have a safe and attractive home that will make all of your party guests green with envy. Feast your eyes on Tex the Armadillo Can Holder.Coasters can only do so much. While they protect tables and countertops, they don’t prevent glasses from being knocked over. That’s where Tex comes in. Armadillos, unlike humans, hold beer cans using not only their hands, but also their tails. That third support point is what separates them from their human overlords. You see, tail support is key for balancing your brew and keeping its thick rich head from ever staining your table.

Think that an Armadillo-shaped beer can holder is tacky? Believe that there is nothing wrong with plain old coasters? Well, while you polish all of your hardwood for the third time today, the rest of us will be reading the product description:

Protect your beverage of choice until you’re ready to uncap and unwind! Our rough-n-ready armadillo, Tex, is a sure-fire conversation piece from his textured armor to his whiplash tail.

Coasters are only conversation pieces until drinks have been set down upon them. After that, they are concealed and forgotten. Meanwhile, Tex is always on display and ready to entertain your guests once you’ve gotten too drunk to be interesting.

No matter what the reason for your party, you’ll want to keep your home immaculate. So, whether it’s for the Super Bowl, the Oscars or your brother-in-law’s overdue circumcision, keep your tables clean with Tex the Armadillo Can Holder.

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