Discover France offers Tour de France cycling tours

Cycling fans who have ever wanted to experience the challenge and glory of riding in the Tour de France are in for a real treat this year. Discover France Adventures, a company that specializes in cycling and hiking tours, has announced a host of

itineraries that will put you on the same route as the professional riders, and in some instances, just hours behind those competing in the race itself.

The tours offer two levels of difficult, moderate and challenging. These options allow cyclists of all skill level to enjoy the ride at their own pace. Competitive riders will want to go for the higher level of challenge, while those out to take in the French countryside, while still getting the TdF experience, will want to take on the moderate difficulty level.

Discover France has nine unique Tour de France itineraries available, including the Alpes VIP Tour which puts cyclists on a route between Montpellier and Grenoble that features climbs up Mont Ventoux, Croix de Fer, and the legendary Alpe d’Huez. This tour is scheduled to take place from July 16-23, and will end in time to have the riders in Paris to watch the Tour winner roll down the Champs Elysees in the Yellow Jersey. Details on the moderate version of this tour can be found by clicking here and the challenging version can be found by clicking here.

Similarly , the Pyrenees VIP Tour offers more alpine climbing in a completely different mountain range. This ride also runs from July 16-23 and

features a route that wanders from Clermont Ferrand and ends in Toulouse. One of the highlights of this offering is a ride into Luz Ardiden on Bastille Day and also puts riders in Paris in time for the finish. Sign up for the moderate version of the Pyrenees Tour here and the challenging edition here.

Check out the Discover France website for a number of other Tour de France options, including some for the non-cyclists who simply wish to experience one of the premiere sporting events in the world. There are also plenty of other tours for the adventurous traveler as well, and for those who have already visited France in the past, there are some unique and non-traditional ways to experience the country in a whole new way.

As a cyclist and avid fan of the Tour de France myself, these tours are a dream come true. The thought of making the challenging climb up Alp d’Huez, perhaps the most well known mountain in the history of the race, is an amazing opportunity. Viva le Tour!