Free: 250 American Airlines AAdvantage miles for joining Best Western Rewards

Looking for a quick and painless way to top off your American Airlines mileage account? Sign up for a Best Western Rewards card (free) and provide them with your AAdvantage number.

You’ll earn an instant 250 miles, and bonus miles each time you stay in a Best Western property between February 6 and April 11, 2011. On your first stay, you’ll get another 500 miles, followed by 750 on your second, and 1000 on each following stay.

Even if you don’t have any Best Western stays planned, the 250 miles may be all it takes to keep an otherwise dormant account alive, or to get your account to the point where you can actually use your miles for something worthwhile.

The promotion page is here – which is where you’ll find more details on the stay-to-earn deal.

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