Mavizon Mavia links your car to your phone and the cloud

Roadtrippers with a smartphone, pay attention – because Mavia, a new gadget from Mavizon can turn your car and phone into a super-connected cloud enabled engine monitoring tool.

Mavia consists of a special OBD-II (On Board Diagnostics) dongle, mobile apps and an online portal. Every car produced since 1996 has one of these ports, making the product very easy to install.

The product offers many of the same features found in that other famous connected car service that rhymes with “schmon-star” – which means Mavia can send out alerts if you have been in an accident, track the location of your vehicle, perform online diagnostics and even send you service coupons for discounts on maintenance.

Mavia is not yet available for purchase, but it has created enough of a buzz to win first place at this years iStage at the Consumer Electronics Show. To use Mavizon, you can use any mobile phone with an Internet browser, or access the information through dedicated iPhone or Android apps.

If you’d like to learn more about the product, or think you have what it takes to become a beta tester, head on over to Mavizontech and fill in the beta application. A nationwide test of the product starts by early Spring 2011.