The age of the affordable jetpack is finally here – with a few limitations.

Decades after James Bond got to play with one – we mere mortals can finally order our very own jetpack. Sadly, this is not the jetpack you have in mind, and its limitations mean you can’t strap it on and head to the office “Jetsons style”.

The pack is attached to a water based engine unit, and is tied down by an umbilical cord. Correct – this “jetpack” doesn’t even use jet engines. That said – the jetlev pack does let you fly quite a bit longer than the 20 seconds you get from a rocket powered unit.

The water based “recreational vehicle” delivers 450lbs of downward and directional thrust, which can propel you down a lake or river at 22mph and 30 feet high. The price? $99,500. Expect to see these at popular beach destinations “coming soon”.

Looking at the video does raise a few questions – how much will your feel hurt if you get them in that stream of water, and what happens when you land the “jetpack” on top of someone swimming peacefully at the beach?

Still, I’m sure this will be a huge hit. I give it six months till we start seeing this in Skymall Magazine. If so, we’ll be sure to get our Mike Barish to review it.