Gogo Inflight Internet and Ford offer a month of complimentary access to Facebook

During the month of February, Ford and Gogo Inflight Internet have teamed up to provide complimentary access to Facebook across their entire fleet of Internet enabled aircraft.

Opening up Facebook makes perfect sense, since it is the number one visited site on the worlds largest provider of inflight Internet.

With over 1000 installations on AirTran Airways, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, US Airways and Virgin America, being able to kill some time by getting online at 30,000 feet is a brilliant inflight amenity.

To access the complimentary service, you’ll need to wait till the cabin crew allows the use of electronic devices, then simply select the Gogo wireless network on your mobile device or laptop. Open your browser and click on the Ford/Facebook banner.

Of course, if you need more than Facebook, you can also purchase full Internet access when inflight or on the ground. By pre-purchasing access, you can save up to 35% when compared to inflight pricing.

Ford is sponsoring the access to promote the new 2011 Explorer. Ford Digital Media Manager Alex Hultgren stated:

Our groundbreaking reveal of the 2011 Explorer in July has proven that Social Media is an ideal platform for conversation and the sharing of videos and photos about our reinvented SUV

And once you are online, don’t forget to check out the Facebook pages of Gadling and Gogo Inflight!