Super Bowl or Ice Bowl? Deep freeze following Packers, Steelers to Texas

The current winter weather pattern stretching from the Midwest to the Northeast is snarling travel plans for more than half of the nation and has been called one of the worst winter storms the country has ever seen.

For those heading to Arlington for this weekend’s Super Bowl, this travel could mean long delays and potentially canceled flights.

Teams arrived on Monday, but the Dallas-Forth Worth Airport was closed for a time on Tuesday due to sleet, ice and snow, The Washington Post reported and has currently re-opened only with one runway. Media Day, however, is still taking place as scheduled.

On the Monday after the game, some 40,000 people are expected to depart from the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, possibly the single biggest day in the airport’s history, said American Airlines spokesman Ed Martell in Market Watch. Some have expressed fears that bad weather combined with extreme volume could snarl travel plans for many.

The Texas forecast for Sunday is currently 62 and sunny, according to, but the lingering effects from other parts of the country earlier this week could affect flights.

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