You can still watch the Super Bowl if you’re traveling during the game

Years back it used to be that if you were traveling by airplane you had very little chance of getting any updates about the big game. The best that you could hope for was for the captain to radio down to the towers during the flight to get updates — and to relay it back to the passengers.

Now that we’re in the information age that role might be switched. With TV and internet empowered users in the back of the airplane, many traveling this Super Bowl weekend will have full access to the game, from television in the back of some Jetblue, Virgin America and Delta aircraft and wireless internet (and updates therein) across a broad spectrum of other aircraft.

Our old friend Scott Mayerowitz over at the Associated Press (via Bloomberg) has a nice roundup of how empowered users can enjoy the game this weekend — it’s an interesting and hopeful ready for any football fan on the road.

What willl really be interesting is to listen to the chatter over the aircraft radio during the game — some carriers like United allow passengers to listen to the cockpit communication at their seats. How many scores will pass through the sky during Super Bowl weekend as airplanes crisscross the planet?

[flickr image via SqueakyMarmot]