Amble by Louis Vuitton iPhone app invites you to discover the world

When Louis Vuitton approached me to introduce their first iPhone App, I fully expected nothing more than an iPhone based storefront for ordering good looking (but expensive) luggage. As it turns out, I was wrong to judge that quickly, because their first app is actually a thing of beauty.

Called Amble – this app is designed to let you follow in the footsteps of “friends of Louis Vuitton”, or journeys created by other Amble users.

The app contains a pretty decent selection of pre-loaded “Ambles” from people like Sarah Jessica-Parker and Sofia Coppola. And don’t expect walking tours around snotty places – Sofia Coppola starts her Amble tour at Shake Shack, followed by a music store and a charming book shop.

If you’d rather create you own Amble, you can use your phone to design your own – with GPS mapping, photos, video and audio. Once created, others can follow in your footsteps and enjoy the same experience you wanted to share.

The app is free of charge, but more comprehensive city guides with Louis Vuitton recommendations have to be purchased, These start at $5.99. You’ll find it in the App Store.

With Amble in hand, you’ll have a much easier time finding somewhere to eat next time you find yourself bored in Sant-Tropez.