Hawaii tour company offers “find President Obama’s birth certificate” experience

Playing with the notion that President Obama’s long-form birth records may be missing, Hawaii Tours is offering a dubiously-titled “Find President Obama’s Birth Certificate” tour package that includes sightseeing and “a little bit of detective work” for visitors to the Hawaiian Islands.

“‘Find the President’s Birth Certificate’ tour package was conceived to bring a lighthearted, adventurous aspect to touring the Hawaiian Islands,” said George Kaka of Hawaii Tours. “We believe in weaving relevant and recent history into our tours, when possible.”

According to the tour description “guests become part of a search and rescue team for the President’s birth records while island hopping, exploring active volcanoes, visiting the Pearl Harbor Memorial, journeying 120-miles around the Island of Oahu and enjoying a traditional luau at Paradise Cove.”

It depends on your political views, but this publicity stunt sounds moderately disrespectful to us. But, if you’re interested ….

This Hawaii tour begins with a flight from Honolulu to Hilo on the Big Island and includes trip to Volcano National Park, home to the Kilauea Volcano. There, “guests may seek the knowledge of Pele, the Hawaiian Fire Goddess, for news relating to President Obama’s birth certificate.” Visitors are taken to the Jagger Museum, Thurston Lava Tube and the Volcano House before flying back to Oahu.

The Big Island Volcano Tour is followed by the Pearl Harbor & Circle Island Tours. At Pearl Harbor, guests have the opportunity to board an authentic Navy launch and cross the crystal blue harbor to the USS Arizona Memorial. The Circle Island Tour is a 120-mile tour around the Island of Oahu visiting the Dole Plantation, the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout, Makapu’u and upscale Kahala, sometimes referred to as the “Beverly Hills of Hawaii.” The tour concludes with views of a tropical rain forest and the famous North Shore beaches. The trip ends with a Paradise Cove Luau and imu ceremony, where the roasted kalua pig is unearthed and Hula dancers perform to Hawaiian music as the sun sets.

At $399 per person, this tour certainly sounds as if it includes a number of famous sites. We’re just not sure about the presidential tie-in.