Coney Island’s Scream Zone to boast two thrilling roller coasters

Coney Island is about to get a much needed boost in the thrills department. Once home to cutting edge amusement rides and the World’s fastest roller coaster in the famed Coney Island Cyclone, the area has closed rides and had few roller coasters of note. Scream Zone looks to change that with two new roller coasters.

Steeplechase Horses Coaster might be considered the headliner for the new park. While launch coasters have been around for years, they still freeze onlookers in their tracks. Many are still used to seeing traditional lift hills versus a coaster rocketing out of the station. After boarding horse-shaped seats, Steeplechase will launch riders to 40 mph. As launch coasters go, that’s a benign launch, but it will still impress your average park guests and offer a fun family-friendly ride. Steeplechase should be similar to Knotts Berry Farm’s Pony Express (pictured above).

Flying roller coaster Soaring Eagle will put riders in a face-down flying position. Similar to Playland Park’s Super Flight, it will feature a spiral lift hill and two loops. The ride has just made a cross-country trip from Denver’s Elitch Gardens where it was known as Flying Coaster.

Both roller coasters are compact and don’t come anywhere near record speeds or heights, but they’re a step in the right direction. If Scream Zone does well, then bigger attractions could be around the corner. When I visited Coney Island a few years ago, I got to experience the iconic Cyclone, but after that I left the area. Tourists and locals looking for more thrills on the boardwalk should be excited. Sign up for updates about Scream Zone’s opening at their website.

[Image credit: Flickr user – Magic Madzik]