Valentine’s Day in the sky: find love on a plane

Are you headed into Monday solo? If that’s the case, it might make sense to book a quick flight for the most romantic day of the year! Don’t spend Valentine’s Day on your couch despising Cupid for neglecting you. According to the latest from travel search site Skyscanner, “flyrting” may be your key to happiness.

According to Skyscanner, almost half of all passengers have confessed to flirting in flight … and thus making the friendly skies a little friendlier. In a survey of more than a thousand travelers, the company found that a substantial 45 percent make their intentions known, with a third of them resulting in a “rendez-vous” after the plane has landed. Eight percent of flyrtatious encounters have led to relationships!
Skyscanner’s Karin Noble, once a cabin crew member, says, “More and more people are now traveling by air so it’s no surprise that flights have become a place to flirt. After all, you are sitting next to someone for an hour or more, and the fact that you’re both traveling to the same place means you already have something in common.”

Need a little help? Noble continues that there are “lubricating” effects to the in-flight service, adding that “the heightened effect that alcohol can have at altitude and the more relaxed ‘holiday mood’ that many travelers feel, and it tends to give people the courage to flirt with a fellow passenger or even take things further, especially on overseas routes such as flights to France or the UK.”

So, how many people get lucky in flight? A separate Skyscanner survey found that 20 percent of passengers have joined the mile-high club, half of them with strangers they met on a plane. Meanwhile, 95 percent copped to a desire for membership!

Skip the chick flicks this Valentine’s Day, and get yourself an aisle seat instead … you never know where it will lead.

[photo by moonlightbulb via Flickr]