Skier falls off mountain wearing a helmet cam so you don’t have to

Ever wonder what it would be like to tumble over the side of a cliff and fall to your death? Yeah, me neither. But thanks to skier Stefan Ager, and his trusty GoPro HD helmet cam, we all can get a sense of just what thats like, without the risk of life and limb.

It seems Stefan and a friend recently visited the Stubai Alps, where they decided to do a little alpine climbing and backcountry skiing. When they reached the summit of one of the peaks there, they celebrated their accomplishment and then proceeded to prepare to ski back down. After stepping into his skis however, Stefan accidently got a little too close to the egdge and slid off the wrong side of the mountain with his little GoPro recording the action as he falls. The results, as you can see below, are a bit painful to watch.

Turns out Ager is just fine, and walked away from the accident with little more than his ego bruised. Keep that in mind as you watch the clip. It makes you feel a little less guilty about getting a laugh at his expense.

Ah, gravity. It’s not just a good idea, its the law.

Thanks to Powder Magazine for sharing this video.