Evolve Guest Controls installs 65,000 wireless switches and thermostats at the Wynn resort

It isn’t often that we cover developments in hotel technology, but a project at the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas deserves some special attention. In an installation deployed by Evolve Guest Controls, almost every single lighting and climate control device in the entire 2,600 room hotel was replaced by wireless RF controls. With the new wireless switches, guests can use remote controls to operate lights and climate controls in their room, all without leaving their bed.

Other hotels have installed the Evolve Guest Controls system to reduce their energy costs — the Westin Georgetown deployed the system and saw an immediate reduction in energy usage by up to 40%.

Hotel rooms can be outfitted with special keycard readers, RF enabled light switches, smart thermostats and switching wall outlets, and each component can communicate with the others using Z-Wave technology.

Future expansions to the Evolve system could even include automated drape controls and a centralized management system, allowing the property to save energy for entire floors that are not in use.