Carnival Celebrations to draw 750,000 (insanely crazy) visitors

The ultimate escape, Rio’s Carnival is open with celebrations expected to draw over 750,000 visitors, both foreign and Brazilian spending over $500 million.

“As the king of the party, I declare the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is officially open,” this year’s king Milton Rodrigues said. “Long live Rio, and long live Carnival!”

It’s a spectacle unlike any other where the normal world is turned upside down, rules go out the window and anything goes. For five days the city will be covered in confetti and music with dancing and music parades the order of the day.

While much of Carnival is about being someone else for a while as men dress like women and poor people dress like kings, some attending the event want to stay just who they are.Celebrities expected to attend include Pamela Anderson, added to the VIP party guest list just last wee along with Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore and Nicole Kidman. They will be looking for space in the coveted VIP boxes that overlook all the action along with Jude Law, Leonardo DiCaprio and more.

Off to a less than smooth start when 15 revelers were electrocuted and killed by a fallen power line, Carnival celebrations and festivities are in full swing now with highlights of this year’s festival to include appearances on parade floats by Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who will pose as Venus de Milo, and local singing legend Roberto Carlos.

Flickr photo by snappybex

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