The Candy Man arrives at Ritz-Carlton Chicago, A Four Seasons Hotel

One child’s dream is another parent’s nightmare.

The Candy Man has officially arrived at The Ritz-Carlton Chicago, A Four Seasons Hotel, and is bringing sweet treats to kids of all ages staying at the hotel.

Associated with Chicago local store, Candyality, the Candy Man arrives at guestrooms (on reservation only) to deliver $5 half-pound bags of all things sugary to hotel guests.

Children wanting to indulge (and adults who need a sugar fix, or a bribe for the kids) can mix and match from the Candy Man’s cart of gummy, chocolate, sour, crunchy and sweet candies. To keep things interesting, The Candy Man will reveal your personality traits based on what candy you choose (we suggest you mix it up and try to stump him).
Your comprehensive personality profile will determine whether you’re competitive (sugary), good listener (fluffy), negotiator (crunchy), creative (colorful), and more.

Opening in December of 2007, Candyality opened in hopes of being more than just a typical sweet shop. The store, located atThe Shops at North Bridge on the Magnificent Mile, is as much a destination as a candy store, thanks to employees who read tea leaves, tarot cards or zodiac charts. Of course, there’s no scientific research in the reading of sugary personalities, but what do you care? You’re walking out of there with a bag of candy sure to keep you on a sugar high for the rest of the day.